Water Delivery Service Agreement

By signing, we agree to use only Arbor Springs products in connection with this water cooler and expressly agree to the following terms and conditions one to six, which are our normal terms. Payments are invoiced and due on the basis of the current month with a net delay of 30 days. This Agreement may be terminated in writing by either party after the first full year. Billing and credit procedures are established by Arbor Springs and will be amended from time to time. Customer hereby agrees to Arbor Springs Water Co., Inc.`s water chiller service on a monthly basis with a minimum period of one year from the date and at the monthly rate set forth above. The water cooler remains the property of Arbor Springs at all times, unless purchased by the customer, all costs incurred by Arbor Springs as a result of the return of such equipment or the collection of amounts due will be paid by the customer. Customer grants a “limited right” of access to repossess the water cooler without liability to Arbor Springs. An interest rate of 11/2% per month on a late balance may be charged. Apart from this contract, there is no agreement on the cooler. BSW will install the rented equipment at the customer`s address specified in the customer`s contract and keep it in good condition at no additional cost.

provided that the customer`s negligence, misuse or misuse causes damage requiring repair or replacement. The customer must pay BSW all these fees upon request. The rented equipment and bottles are and remain the exclusive property of BSW at all times. And the customer has no rights; Title or interest in it, except as expressly stated herein. The customer will use the rented equipment and all bottles only for BSW products and will not reuse or fill the bottles for any purpose. The customer will use and maintain the rented equipment safely and correctly at all times in accordance with BSW`s instructions and keep it in a hygienic condition. The customer will not remove the rented equipment from the customer`s location without the prior written consent of BSW, will not change the rented equipment in any way, will only allow BSW to repair the rented equipment and will immediately inform BSW if the rented equipment or bottles are lost, stolen or destroyed. The Customer shall allow BSW to enter the Customer`s premises at reasonable times to inspect and repair the rented equipment and to deliver or collect bottles.

Belmar Spring Water Company (BSW) will sell and deliver to the customer bottled water in BSW bottles and related products such as quantities of products ordered by customers at this time. The customer will comply with all BSW procedures that BSW may change at any time after appropriate prior notice to the customer. The terms of this Agreement may only be cancelled or amended in writing, signed by the Company and the Customer. Failure to exercise or delay in exercising a right does not constitute a waiver. The Customer gives the Company the authority to conduct credit inquiries and the Company reserves the right to terminate this Agreement at any time on the basis of such information….

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