Una Collective Agreement Shift Differential

Worse, the employer wants to reduce your job gaps and premiums. While UNA offers evening bonuses of $2.75 to $2.11, night bonuses of $5 to $3.10, and weekend bonuses of $3.25 to $2.55 per hour, Covenant Health offers us: your bargaining team met with the employer on February 27 and 28 to begin negotiations on a new collective agreement. Differences are paid to compensate us for lost family time. Most children come home from school with about 1500 hours, so the differences should start for lost family time. These returns would bring the various rates back to what they were more than a decade ago and deny us the compensation we deserve for the lost family`s time. The employer submitted a four-year contract with zero percent salary adjustments for every four years. They want to take superstats and floater days. You want to reduce your flexible spending accounts from $1,100 to $850. Some members are even asked for salary cuts of up to 20%.

Be strong, support yourself and share this information with your colleagues at Covenant Health. Health care workers across the province are under attack and we need to stick together if we are to hold on. If you have any questions, please contact a member of your bargaining team or AUPE resource staff. Our next meetings are scheduled for March 23 and 24. Your team is working for you at the bargaining table and we will share further updates with you if negotiations continue. Update your contact information under www.aupe.org/updateinfo so you never miss a bargaining update or other union news. By presenting these and other proposals, Covenant Health has shown that it has no respect for our work.

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