How much do pharmacy techs make in Texas

Pharmacy technician make a nice pay in Texas. The average pharmacy tech in Houston makes over around $45,00. The salary is gap in very wide of the state, though. Pharmacy techs in San Antonio make $28,000. Below are the average earnings in the big cites in Texas. If you are looking for a pharmacy tech job use the form below to look for the positions around your area or location of your choice

Average Pharmacy Technician Salary in Texas major cities
1. Amarillo, TX $33,000
2. Arlington, TX $42,000
3. Austin, TX $40,000
4. Corpus Christi, TX $35,000
5. Dallas, TX $44,000
6. El Paso, TX $37,000
7. Fort Worth, TX $34,000
8. Gainesville, TX $31,000
9. Houston, TX $45,000
10. San Antonio, TX $28,000

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