Git End User License Agreement

4.1 Intellectual Property Rights. Axosoft and its licensors own all right, title and interest in and to the Software and any modifications, ideas or recommendations you make, as well as all intellectual property rights therein. You transfer and agree that Axosoft owns and has the right to use and include in the Software any suggestions, improvement requests, comments, recommendations or other information you provide regarding the Software or any other Axosoft product or service. This Agreement does not transfer or transfer ownership of the Software or any other product or service to Axosoft or the intellectual property rights therein. Your license rights to the Software under this Agreement are strictly limited to the right to use in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. This agreement does not grant you any right to use other Axosoft products or services. If you would like to purchase other products or services, please contact Axosoft for assistance. Section 12: Here we list some more definitive and technical points to effectively implement the agreement between us. This ITA allows you to install as many copies of the software as you wish and to use the software for any legitimate use that complies with the EULA. Your license to use the software is expressly dependent on your consent to all EULA terms.

This software is licensed, not sold. GitHub reserves any other rights not granted by this SEA. Conservancy has adopted this policy in order to protect trademarks (as defined below) and to ensure that the identity of the Git software and its free and open source nature is clear to everyone. By using this guideline, the Git project can disseminate the use of git software while ensuring that trademarks are protected in a manner consistent with U.S. trademark law (U.S. registration 4680534). This guideline has been drafted to allow for any clear and appropriate use of trademarks, while disapproving of the use of trademarks in a way that could confuse users as to the origin of the software or that involves a non-existent connection to the Git project. By following this guideline, you help give the public the freedom to use and develop Git software. “License Term” means the period during which the Software is granted to you, as set forth by Axosoft at the time of entering into this Agreement. Third Party Software is granted to licensee in accordance with the separate license agreements contained in the Software and is subject to all restrictions set forth therein. .

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