Fsc Outsourcing Agreement Template

The FSC rules for internal operating systems and banking outsourcing procedures for financial institutions have been developed to help banks meet their legal obligations under the Banking Act on the Protection of Customer Rights and provide guidance on effective risk management when outsourcing to third parties. Outsourcing banking regulations contain specific guidelines on continuity, monitoring of the outsourcing agreement, subcontracting, auditing, access and information rights. The Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) is responsible for inspecting and supervising banks, insurance companies and financial institutions in Taiwan to improve operations, safeguard financial stability and promote the development of financial markets. Rules for internal operating systems and subcontracting procedures for financial institutions Google Cloud contracts for financial institutions in Taiwan meet the requirements of the banking outsourcing regulations. We`ve also created guidelines for GCP and Google Workspace to help you understand how we can help you meet the requirements and consider us outsourced service providers. Google Cloud is committed to meeting these requirements, regardless of how financial institutions use our services…

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