Clls Asset Management Agreement

Subject to the terms and conditions of this contract and if the manager and client have not agreed otherwise, the manager does not guarantee the future performance of the fund or part of it or a specified level of service, the success of a recommendation or investment strategy that the manager may adopt or recommend for the Fund, or the success of the Fund`s overall management. The client understands that investment recommendations for the fund are subject to market, foreign exchange, economic, policy and business risks, and that these investment decisions will not always be profitable. The client recognizes that the client, if he owns investment funds or stock exchange funds, can pay fees to two separate entities. First, the client pays a fee to the investment management services manager. Second, the client will pay the costs associated with holding this investment fund. Subject to the terms of this agreement, the client names the investment manager of his portfolio of assets (including uninvested cash and time-related income) held on the trustee`s account: as stated in more detail in this agreement (“Account”), free of all pledges and fees (“funds”) to manage the fund at its sole discretion (including by third-party directors), effective in the manager`s notification to the client that it was delivered with each of the documents and commitments satisfactory to the client, which is required by the manager and/or the laws in force. The Administrator acts in the performance of his duties, powers and obligations under this agreement, in accordance with the standards established by this agreement, in order to achieve investment objectives and in accordance with the restrictions that have been amended from time to time in the investment guidelines and restrictions on the website and in the part of this agreement (“Guidelines”). one way or another. With respect to the securities management services provided to the client, the administrator is entitled to rely on financial information and other information provided by the client. The client undertakes to immediately inform the administrator in writing of any substantial changes in the client`s circumstances that could influence how the client`s assets should be invested and to provide the trustee with the information he reasonably requests. The manager manages the Fund to achieve the investment objectives set out in the guidelines and as part of the restrictions set out in the guidelines or agreed in writing between the parties from time to time, when these additional conditions and/or amendments are made in accordance with this agreement and complement the existing agreement. The administrator may rely on the guidelines and all additional written restrictions agreed under this clause, as it contains all investment restrictions and restrictions that apply to the Fund.

The administrator must take into account the guidelines for the purposes of the FMA rules to ensure the adequacy of the trades that are being implemented in the exercise of his discretion or in accordance with the investment advice he has given under this agreement.

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