Cell Tower Easement Agreement

Cell Tower Attorney has extensive experience in negotiating the Unison Facilitation and Attribution Agreement. If you have been contacted by a representative of Unison, call us today or send an email. We are ready to help you negotiate reasonable terms that adequately limit Unison`s ability to use your property beyond the original lease for the cellular site. The most important thing is that we can protect your legal rights, now and in the future. Our neighbor has a cell tower on his property. It is an old lease that is expiring and will soon be renewed. It was a difficult place for the mobile operator to build and they had to get relief from our association of road owners and us how they have to go through our property to switch from electricity and cable etc. to the tower. Now they also want to extend our facilitation agreement, but we think the price they are offering is low. We told them to find another way around our country to get to the cell tower, and they told us that they already had another way around the property.

They only pay us $400 a month, and that is an important site of what I can say. Have we negotiated how we can get out of the agreement? Does your company help Dentower`s negotiations? – If authorized activities are not limited, wireless companies can take advantage of the ease of operating cables above and underground, building structures, installing additional equipment and leaving unwanted materials. In this article, we give you a complete overview of a 1031 change and how Landmark Dividend can help you get the most out of our mobile tower rental agreement. The mobile operator can share its rights to use this relief with others — construction workers, utility companies, surveyors, etc. You can even share your rights with other wireless companies, which increases your property traffic. Would you mind if giant cranes and construction vehicles crossed your property and foreigners come and go whenever they want? Facilities can affect the value of your property because they limit how an owner can use that part of their property. A property owner cannot build on a relief, or in a way that blocks or disrupts relief. If you plan to build a house, store, annex or swimming pool, plant trees or otherwise develop the property in which relief lies, you may be forced to change your plans.

Grantor undertakes to maintain the ease of access so as not to obstruct or reasonably interfere with Grante`s right of priority in Grantor`s territory. Grantee agreed to pay Grantor $1,200 a year as a road maintenance fee. With an on-site cellular facility, you are now able to continue with a 1031 exchange and can avoid capital gains tax on your transaction as long as the funds are in a similar property.

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